Monday, March 31, 2014

Vintage Hats and Etsy

This week three of my vintage hats were featured in "50 Gorgeous Vintage Hats" in a fun blog
called "We Heart Vintage," written by Mary, who--according to her bio--is "a mum, web designer and vintage-addict from a small village in the UK":

You really should take a look at the amazing array of hats featured here--such a wide variety of colors and styles, really interesting!

So it got me thinking about vintage hats, which I sell a lot of in my Etsy shop.  Here are some I've sold already:

That second hat--the red one--was purchased by my young neighbor, Lily, who saw it on Facebook and emailed me that she really wanted to buy it, but what would the shipping cost be? I told her I'd walk it over. She looks so cute in it--a perfect style for her:
Here's my most recent vintage hat listing:
along with several more currently in my shop:

Although I haven't listed it yet--I just finished editing the photograph--this one will soon be in the shop (I know--we're finally heading into Spring and this is hardly a Spring hat--but it must be cold somewhere!):
There are so many vintage hats, thousands of them, currently being offered on Etsy--all you have to do is search for the color you want, the material, the style, and up will come zillions of prospects. Here's one of the most interesting ones I've seen, an antique "German bonnet" from the early 20th century, being offered by Zeitepochen:
And here are several in SueEllen'sFlair, offered by my friend Katy, who has a huge assortment in her shop at all times:

Of course, the question in selling hats is: for the photographs do I use a live model, a mannequin, or just shoot it all by its lonesome, maybe with a book or some other prop. Since I didn't have a good mannequin, like Katy, who has several, I always used props--until I finally persuaded my beautiful granddaughter Zoe to be my model.

As you can see from the pictures of Zoe modeling my hats above, she always looks spectacular in any hat she's wearing. Well, and anything else, too--head over to my shop and check out some of the vintage dresses she's modeled for me!

Unfortunately she's away at college most of the time and I have to grab her whenever she's home and free for a photo shoot. How do I pay her? In vintage hats and dresses, naturally!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Celebrating Three Years on Etsy

Three years ago this month I took the plunge and put my first items up on Etsy.

Actually I joined in December 2010, but it took me months to figure out what was going on. If you want to read how it all started, you can check out my first post titled "What's Etsy?"

Which was followed by my second post, titled "First Listing," and then "Filling Up My Shop Little by Little."

In April 2011 I finally made my first sale, a Beacon Hill Staffordshire dinner plate:

which I recount in a post titled "Life So Far on Etsy." Today I wouldn't take a photograph for my shop like that, because I now prefer to shoot against a white background--for a lot of reasons, one of them being a consistent "look" among the listings and another the fact of being more often picked up in treasuries, which hopefully gives the seller more exposure to a wider buying audience.  These things you pick up and learn as you go along. Not every Etsy seller agrees with photographing against a white background, but I've become a die-hard about this.

Here, for example, is a blue and white plate I recently put up:
I think that focusing more on the item itself, without a busy background, makes for a better listing.

However, along my beginning Etsy journey, I wrote for awhile about vintage for the, so many of my posts here are on specific related topics, like "Writing About Antiquing for," "Toot: My Recent Examiner Articles on Antiquing and Vintage," "Another Assignment as a Writer on Vintage," and "An Interesting Etsy Sale, the Examiner, & Life in General."
My blogs here have also been about various vintage items, like baskets and plates or quilts and coverlets: "Thinking Easter and Talking Baskets," "Thinking About Antique Textiles: Coverlets and Quilts,"  "All About Roosters," "Inspiration from Design Sponge,"  "Design Sponge-type Food Mills Found on Etsy," "Musing on Re-purposing,"  "From Decor 8: 8 Decorating Trends in Europe," "The Beauty of Vintage Bottles," "Vintage Fashion and My New Etsy Model," and "Plate Passion."

Sometimes I write about seasonal things: "Spring in all its forms: snow, rain, cold, garden vintage....," "Happy 4th of July!" "Christmas on Etsy," "Happy Easter! Happy Passover!" and
"New Year, New Etsy Studio."
But mostly I just write generally about Etsy: "Filling up My Shop, Little by Little," "Celebrating One Year on Etsy with an Interesting Sale," "An Unexpected Gift on Etsy," "A Reunion on Etsy," "When Selling on Etsy Lifts My Spirits," "Amazing Etsy Story from Ohio Picker," "International Etsy,"  "Getting Back to Blogging and the Old Blogger Interface," "The Yellow Vintage Shirt: A Story," "Etsy and Weddings," "Oops! Or: There Goes Another Etsy Sale...," "A Passion for Books: An Encounter on Etsy," "Etsy Feedback," "How an Etsy Sale Created an International Friendship,"  "An Etsy International Friendship Part 2," and "An Etsy Sale Leads to a Good Cause."

Wow. I'm amazing myself with this list. I haven't been too great about blogging regularly (a New Year's Resolution that I'm being kind of slothful about), but all in all I've written a lot! So: Happy Third Birthday to me ~ and I hope you enjoy some of these stories!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Beauty of Vintage Bottles

Today I listed a vintage cobalt blue bottle in my Etsy shop:

I love finding beautiful, colored glass bottles and have sold a number of them since joining Etsy:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Passion for Books: An Encounter on Etsy

Books have always been a special love. I was a reader from the moment I grasped "Run, Spot, run!"

As I grew up, books were given to me for birthdays and Christmas because my family and friends knew I loved to read. Once I was out of college, married and living on a budget, I started buying books at sales, a practice that continues to this day. I always look forward to that final day "bag sale," where you can stuff in as many as you can for a few dollars!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Vintage Fashion and My New Etsy Model

There's a whole new look to my shop these days with the arrival of my new model:
Here she's photographed wearing a lime green silk sheath dress from the 70s. A great dress, but her presence among the pictures in my shop adds a real buoyancy to all the listings. This is a story about how her arrival came to be:

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year, New Etsy "Studio"

One of my New Year's resolutions is to write a new blog post every week. Well, we'll see how that goes...

So today, being snowbound in New Hampshire (schools are closed for the second day in a row, probably just because it's so cold here right now with temps of about 3-5 degrees and a good wind chill going), 

I decided that this was a good time to write a little bit about my new Etsy "studio."